Frequently Asked Questions


The custodial parent wants to move away. What can I do?

See if your court order has a “geographic restriction,” which means the custodial parent cannot move outside a certain area. If you need a copy of your court order, go to the district clerk’s office in the county where you got your court order. This is most likely the county where your child was living when you got the court order). The district clerk’s office can look up your court order by the Cause Number or your name or Social Security number, and can give you a copy.

If there is a geographic restriction, the custodial parent will be disobeying the court order by moving outside of the designated area. In this case, you can attempt to work it out, or ask the court to order both of you into mediation or take steps to enforce your court order.

Read more about enforcing a court order.

If there is no geographic restriction in your order, you can ask the court to modify or change your order to require the other parent to stay in a certain city or county or geographic area.

The Attorney General’s Office cannot help you get a geographic restriction.